JobsEQ Certification

Why should I consider earning my JobsEQ Certification at EQ Connect?

The JobsEQ cert program is designed for all levels of JobsEQ users. Newer users can accelerate their onboarding process while more experienced users may discover new applications and more efficient ways to perform analyses. By choosing to earn your cert at EQ Connect, all users will experience the additional benefits of having live access to a JobsEQ instructor as well as the opportunity to learn alongside professional peers. Plus, upon successful completion of the program, you can take your credential home with you!

What does the cert program entail?

The main objectives of this program are for users to:

  1. Become familiar with the data that underpin JobsEQ
  2. Understand the value added by modeling these data
  3. Command all analytic tools and custom features with ease
  4. Realize the connectivity between analytic tools and features
  5. Capture and retain all that you learn

The program is comprised of five “core” courses that “stack” upon each other and must be completed in sequence during the conference. Participants will be expected to have completed the first course – Foundational Data – prior to arrival.

Course titles and a sample of key learning objectives are provided below:

Foundational Data

Distinguish major classification systems used to structure main types of data (SOC, NAICS, CIP)

Identify the public agencies responsible for producing data utilized by JobsEQ

Discover strengths and limitations of different data series

Translate common labor data acronyms

Specify the value added to research by data modeling

Analytic Clusters

Describe the general applications of any analytic

Apply “quick” links to streamline research

Compare labor market trends across places

Evaluate talent available to support an industry expansion

Identify similarly-skilled, alternative occupations

Data Explorer

Recognize when to use “draft” mode

Describe productivity and its linkage to GDP

Differentiate between place of work and place of residence data

Analyze award trends

Produce and export data visualizations

Creating Custom Features

Recognize benefits of using ZCTA- versus county-based regions

Create custom groups based on given criteria

Generate alternative forecasts to reflect future events

Streamlining Analyses      

Identify target industries based on regional priorities

Determine what occupations are most critical to supporting target industries

Compare prospects for multiple sites relative to labor availability, payroll, and supply chain

Course content has been designed to be completed by most users in less than 90 minutes, and each course includes a mix of lessons, activities, and assessments. During the conference, a total of six hours has been set aside for classroom-based learning (one three-hour pre-conference session and three one-hour sessions during the conference View Agenda) that draws upon web-based content, presentations and interactive discussions.

Quizzes will be completed online, outside of classroom time during the conference. No assessment should take more than 30 minutes, and if so, the instructor will be available to consult with as needed.

For users who cannot make the conference, the cert program will become available as an online offering following the conference.

How do I enroll/register?

Users choosing to earn their cert at EQ Connect will receive a 50% discount when registering before September 1, 2018.  Registered users can expect to receive their login credentials and instructions for completing the Foundational Data course during the third week of October.

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